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Juergensmeyer Julian C. - Property  (audiobook)
Название: Property (audiobook) (Sum + Substance CD Series)
Автор: Julian C. Juergensmeyer
Издательство: West Publishing Co. (Law Books)
Исполнитель: Julian C. Juergensmeyer
Год: 2000
Формат: mp3
Качество звука: 96 KBps
Размер: 127 mb
Язык: английский
Продолжительность звучания: 3:04:09
Julian C. Juergensmeyer - Professor of Law and Ben F. Johnson Jr., Chair in Law A.B. (summa cum laude), Duke University (1959) Certificat des Etudes Politiques, University of Bordeaux (1960) J.D. (with honors), Duke University School of Law (1963) Co-Director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth and advisor for the GSU - Georgia Tech Joint Degree Program in Law and Regional City Planning.
Professor Juergensmeyer will soon celebrate his 40th year of teaching law. He practiced law for two years with Squire, Sanders and Dempsey immediately after graduating from Duke Law School but left the practice to join the law faculty of Indiana University (Bloomington). He left there for additional law study in Europe and law teaching in Ethiopia. On his return to the U. S. he taught at Tulane University and then had a 30 year stint at the University of Florida before joining the Georgia State University faculty as its first endowed chair-holder. He currently serves as Adjunct Professor of City and Regional Planning at GSU's sister institution, Georgia Institute of Technology.
His teaching and research specialties are land use planning law, property law and comparative land use and environmental law and his books and articles on those topics are nearing 100 in number. They include a co-authored treatise/hornbook on Land Use planning and Development Law that is widely used by law and planning practitioners and frequently cited by courts including the Supreme Court. He is considered a pioneer in the development of impact fees and participated in formulation and litigation in regard to them in over 20 states.
As a strong believer in the globalization of law and the legal profession, he has taught and lectured throughout Europe, North and South America, and Africa and has held the title of visiting professor at such foreign universities as the Universities of Frankfort, Aahus, Warsaw, Strasbourg, Limoges and British Columbia. His visiting appointments in the U.S. include Duke, Louisiana State University and Hastings College of Law.
Discusses the essentials of property law;
Includes quick reference indexing;
Provides informed exam tips to help maximize performance;
Brings difficult subjects to life, clearly and succinctly.
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