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Rethinking Our Past: Recognizing Facts, Fictions, and Lies in American History скачать


Название: Rethinking Our Past: Recognizing Facts, Fictions, and Lies in American History
Издательство: Recorded Books
Автор: Professor James W. Loewen
Год: 2009
Формат: mp3,VBR
Размер: 347 Mb
Язык: English
Продолжительность: 8 hours and 5 mins

You will get the most from this course by reading or listening to Professor Loewen's book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong. Within that book are many facts about American (and world) history to which most people have simply never been exposed. Nationalist history by textbook authors and the descendants or biographers of the famous and infamous have given history students a very skewed vision of our true history - indeed, the true history of mankind. This course is designed to enlighten and encourage you to consider the factual basis of many of our most-cherished yet glossed-over stories and the real-life characters who populate them. From archaeological misinformation to investigations into the nature of modern public policy, Professor Loewen challenges you to consider the history of what "was" rather than what has been told by standard teaching methods and textbooks.

Course Syllabus
Lecture 1 Why Study the Past?
Lecture 2 Archaeology and Prehistory
Lecture 3 The Politics and History of Columbus
Lecture 4 Pilgrims
Lecture 5 Native American Societies and Cultures
Lecture 6 The Making and Use of the Constitution
Lecture 7 Slavery
Lecture 8 The Civil War
Lecture 9 The Civil War (Continued) and Reconstruction
Lecture 10 The Nadir of Race Relations
Lecture 11 The Nadir of Race Relations (Continued)
Lecture 12 United States Foreign Policy
Lecture 13 Capitalism and Social Class
Lecture 14 Doing History Yourself

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Rethinking Our Past: Recognizing Facts, Fictions, and Lies in American History скачали 451 раз

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