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Cambridge English Readers: The House by the Sea (Audio & Book) скачать

Cambridge English Readers: The House by the Sea (Audio & Book)Автор: Patricia Aspinall
Название: The House By The Sea (Book & Audio)
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Серия: Cambridge English Readers: Level 3 (1300 headwords)
Год выпуска: 2007
Страниц: 63
Формат: mp3, pdf
Bitrate audio: 128 kbps
Размер: 128,74 MB
Язык: English
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Адаптированная аудиокнига, уровень B1 (True to Life Pre-intermediate). Аудиозапись сопровождается книгой для чтения.

Cambridge English Readers is an exciting new series of original fiction, specially written for learners of English. Graded into six levels - from elementary to advanced - the stories in this series prove easy and enjoyable reading on a wide range of contemporary topics and themes.

A married couple, Carl and Linda Anderson, buy a weekend house by the sea. But one weekend Linda does not arrive at the house and Carl begins to worry. What has happened to her? Who is the taxi driver that follows Carl? And how much do the people in the village really know?

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