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Electronic Circuit Design: From Concept to Implementation скачать

Electronic Circuit Design: From Concept to Implementation

Author(s) : Nihal Kularatna
Date : 2008
Pages : 504
Format : PDF
Language : english
ISBN-10 : 0849376173
Size : 11 Mb

With growing consumer demand for portability and miniaturization in electronics, design engineers must concentrate on many additional aspects in their core design. The plethora of components that must be considered requires that engineers have a concise understanding of each aspect of the design process in order to prevent bug-laden prototypes.

Electronic Circuit Design allows engineers to understand the total design process and develop prototypes which require little to no debugging before release. It providesstep-by-step instruction featuring modern components, such as analog and mixed signal blocks, in each chapter. The book details every aspect of the design process from conceptualization and specification to final implementation and release. The text also demonstrates how to utilize device data sheet information and associated application notes to design an electronic system.

The hybrid nature of electronic system design poses a great challenge to engineers. This book equips electronics designers with the practical knowledge and tools needed to develop problem free prototypes that are ready for release.


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