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The field of wireless communications has been undergoing a revolutionary growth
in the last decade. This is attributed to the invention of portable mobile phones
some 15 years ago. The success of the second-generation (2G) cellular
communication services motivates the development of wideband third-generation
(3G) cellular phones and other wireless products and services, including wireless
local area networks, home RF, Bluetooth, wireless local loops, local multi-point
distributed networks (LMDS), to name a few. The crucial component of a wireless
network or device is the antenna. Very soon, our cities will be flooded with
antennas of different kinds and shapes. On the other hand, for safety and
portability reasons, low power, multi-functional and multi-band wireless devices
are highly preferable. All these stringent requirements demand the development of
highly efficient, low-profile and small-size antennas that can be made imbedded
into wireless products.

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