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Smiley's Workshop for AVR

Название: Smiley's Workshop for AVR
Автор: Joe Pardue
Издательство: Nuts & Volts Magazine
Год: 2008-2009
Страниц: 49
Формат: PDF
Размер: 10 Mб
Язык: английский

Starting with the August 2008 issue, Nuts & Volts magazine has a new series: Smiley's Workshop for AVR. Smiley is the avrfreaks.net alias for Joe Pardue, the author of C Programming for Microcontrollers. This series will somewhat follow the C Programming book, but will also vary a bit so you can expect the book and the magazine articles to supplement each other in your quest for learning C Programming on AVR microcontrollers.
This post provides the first 11 parts starting from August 2008 until June 2009. The articles provide valuable hints on Microcontroller C Programming, hardware, and projects.

Smiley's Workshop Part 01: Introducing the AVR C Programming Workshop Series
Smiley's Workshop Part 02: Your First AVR Program: C'ing with Cylon Eyes
Smiley's Workshop Part 03: C Types, Operators, and Expressions
Smiley's Workshop Part 04: Teaching a Butterfly to Talk
Smiley's Workshop Part 05: There are Exactly 10 Types of People...
Smiley's Workshop Part 06: A Menu Navigator
Smiley's Workshop Part 07: The Wearable Alarm Clock
Smiley's Workshop Part 08: Interrupts, I/O Registers, and the Butterfly Joystick
Smiley's Workshop Part 09: The Arduino Way
Smiley's Workshop Part 10: Moving Beyond Arduino
Smiley's Workshop Part 11: Getting Started with the Arduino Projects Kit 

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