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Discover Signal Processing - an interactive guide for engineers скачать

Discover Signal Processing - an interactive guide for engineers
Название: Discover Signal Processing - an interactive guide for engineers
Автор: Braun S.
Год: 2008
Страниц: 366
Формат: pdf
Размер: 11.5 Mb
Язык: английский

Signal processing is now a multidisciplinary topic, and one that has applications in many fields including, but not limited to, science, engineering, medicine, finance and the behavioural sciences. Modern software libraries that include dedicated languages and packages designed to simplify the development and application of signal processing techniques are now readily available; however this ease of application means that an understanding of the various techniques is imperative. It is critical that the student or practitioner is able to choose an appropriate processing technique, be aware of potential errors involved and understand how to control them.
Discover Signal Processing exploits the rationale of “learning by doing”; actually attempting and performing a task is the most effective way to remember and understand. It presents the reader with a diverse range of exercises; some intended to recall or practice simple concepts, others more complex & aimed at developing a real understanding of the issues involved. These are accompanied by step-by-step explanations of the tools and techniques required.
Provides systematic, organized and accessible instruction in a complex and mathematical subject.
Stresses the understanding, selection and application of available signal processing techniques, as well as identification and control of error mechanisms;
Includes more than 60 exercises covering major aspects of signal processing tools & geared at performing or testing specific tasks;
Uses MATLAB as a platform, utilizing its extensive GUI capabilities enabling exercises to be performed using graphical elements only.
Discover Signal Processing provides an excellent & accessible guide to signal processing for mechanical, aeronautical, civil and electronic engineers in their senior/ graduate year. It will also be of interest to those attending CPD courses as well as to practicing engineers.


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