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Название: Color Television Troubleshooting
Автор: R.C. Vijay
Издательство: B.P.B. Publications
Год: 1986
Страниц: 253
Формат: PDF
Размер: 14.8 Мб
Язык: английский

Book Summary of Colour Television Trouble - Shooting

Table of Contents Chapter

1. Introduction
2. Colour Fundamentals
3. Basic Colour Television Systems
4. PAL Colour Television System
5. Colour Picture Tube
6. Main Features of Colours Television
Part 2. Servicing
1. Working of a Colour Television Receiver
2. Operating Controls in Colour Television Receiver
3. Locating the Faculty Stage Fault Symptoms
4. Colour TV Testing and Servicing Instruments – I Multmeters
5.Colour TV Testing and Servicing Instruments – II Colour Pattern Generators
6. Power Supply - I
7. Power Supply – II
8. Video IF Section
9. Sound Section
10. Video Amplifier
11. Chroma Section – I
12. Chroma Section – II
13. Colour Signal Output Stages
14. Picture Tube Stage
15. Sweep Section
16. Servicing Controls, Their Adjustment and Demagnetising the Picture Tube
17. General Procedure, Safety Precautions And Some Case Histories Appendix
Part 3. Remote Control Systems
1. Introduction
2. Operating Controls in a Remote Controlled CTV.
3. Remote Systems
4. Remote Control Unit
5. Remote Control CTV. Glossary

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