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Analog Filter DesignНазвание: Analog Filter Design
Автор: M.E. Van Valkenburg
Издательство: Madison Avenue, New York
Год издания: 1982
Страниц: 622
ISBN: 0-03-059246-1
Формат: DJVU
Размер: 6 МБ
Качество: Отличное, 600дпи, цветные обложки и ч/б иллюстрации

Filters are essential in systems electrical engineers are called upon to design. Thus, the topic of filters is appropriate for study by undergraduates preparing to enter their professions and by practicing engineers wishing to extend their skills. This book was written to fill such needs. The course at the University of Illinois from which this book evolved was offered to juniors and seniors for three hours of credit; an additional hour was offered for the associated laboratory. Students taking the course had, as a minimum background, the first course in circuits and a course that included the study of Laplace transforms. Because the book is intended for undergraduate use, sophisticated mathematics has been avoided in favor of algebraic derivations. In addition, the sequence of topics treated is such that design is stressed beginning with Chapter 2...

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