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Orson Scott Card. Collected works (Opere raccolte) скачать

'OrsonAuthor: Orson Scott Card
The name: Collected works (Opere raccolte)
Genre: Fiction (fiction)
Year: Different
Language English, Italian (inglese, italiano)
Format: Fb2
The size of: 14,41Mb
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Orson Scott Card was the first writer to receive "of the two higher NF-premiums — Hugo Award and the Nebula Award two years in a row, the first novel Ender's game" the game "Ender's Game] in 1986, and then for its continuation is the voice of those who do not have" [Speakers for the Dead] in 1987, with readers and critics almost unanimous agreement that the second book was even better first.

Orson Scott Card è stato il primo scrittore per ricevere "dei due NF-premi più elevati — Hugo Award e il premio Nebula due anni del fila, il primo romanzo Ender gioco"il gioco"Game di Ender] nel 1986 e quindi per la sua prosecuzione è la voce di coloro che non hanno" [Speakers for the Dead] nel 1987, con i lettori e i critici consenso quasi unanime che il secondo libro era ancora meglio prima.
Ender (it)
- 1. Il gioco di Ender [Ender's Game] (пер. Gianluigi Zuddas) 743K

Ender`s Saga
- First Meetings In the Enderverse 276K
- 1. Ender`s Game 721K
- 2. Speaker for the Dead 918K
- 3. Xenocide 1201K
- 4. Children of the Mind 806K
- 5. Ender`s Shadow 951K
- 6. Shadow of the Hegemon 671K
- 7. Shadow Puppets 573K
- 8. Shadow of the Giant 648K

Homecoming Saga
- 1. The Memory of Earth 1414K
- 2. The Call of Earth 1157K
- 3. The Ships of Earth 1306K
- 4. Earthfall 1023K
- 5. Earthborn 1538K

Maps in a Mirror
- 3. Cruel Miracles 343K

The Tales of Alvin Maker
- 1. Seventh Son 895K
- 2. Red Prophet 997K
- 3. Prentice Alvin 705K
- 4. Alvin Journeyman 1329K
- 5. Heartfire 594K
- 6. The Crystal City 2141K
- 9. Grinning Man 72K

The Worthing Saga
- 1. Hot Sleep [The Worthing Chronicle] 919K
- 2. Capitol 488K

- Hart's Hope 487K

- Magic Street 623K

- 27 Short Stories 1305K
- Enchantment 995K
- Ender in exile 872K
- Feed The Baby Of Love 118K
- Flux Tales Of Human Futures 456K
- Heal Thyself 21K
- Homebody 642K (12)
- Homeless in Hell 42K
- Pastwatch: The Redemption Of Christopher Columbus 692K
- Songmaster 621K
- The Changed Man and the King of Words (Short Stories) 326K
- The Elephants Of Poznan 49K
- Treason 530K
- Treasure Box 607K
- Vessel 47K
- Waterbaby 17K
- Wyrms 556K
- Lost Boys 906K

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