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CAREER BUILDING Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work скачать

Автор: коллектив авторов
Название: Career Building. Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work
Издательство: Harper Collins e-book
Год: 2009
Формат: pdf
Размер: 5mb
Did you know that 84 percent of Americans say they’re not in their ideal jobs? Eighty-four percent!
With roughly 153 million people in the U.S. labor force and the average American poised to hold 10.5 jobs in his or her lifetime, one thing’s for certain: That’s a lot of job dissatisfaction.
To guide you through the sometimes scary world of work, we’ve compiled this handbook for every step of your career. Why mess with one book for rйsumйs, another for interviewing and still another for salary negotiation? (Not to mention the self-help books you might need once you start your job!) We’ve got everything right here for you.
The editors of CareerBuilder.com, the United States’ largest online job site, have assembled insider tips and tools for any stage of your job search and career. We’ve divided this book into three sections: job searching, managing your job and co-workers and moving on to the next big thing

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CAREER BUILDING Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work скачали 357 раз

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