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Название: Designing the Sustainable School
Издательство: Images
Год: 2008
Страниц: 256
ISBN: 1864702370
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Размер: 536 MB

Очень толковая книга для проектировщиков и дизайнеров. Книга посвящена учебным заведениям.

The Book presents a survey of Kindergarten through 12th-grade schools from around the world featuring projects that combine the best in aesthetics, sustainability and high-performance design. The book utilizes 45 case studies to illustrate the range of sustainable and high performance design solutions currently being applied to K-12 school design; Featuring the work of Perkins and Will, Foster and Partners, Arup Associates, Antoine Predock Architect, BOORA Architects, Centerbrook Architects, Farewell Mills Gatsch Architects, Hillier Architecture, KieranTimberlake Associates, Lake Flato Architects, Mahlum Architects, HMC Architects and Pfau Architects among others. Bullet points highlight the Sustainable features of each project along with over 450 photographs, diagrams and plans.
Foreword By: S Richard Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chairman- U.S. Green Building Council
with an essay By: John P. Eberhard, FAIA - On Neuroscience and the Sustainable School


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