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Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration скачать

'PolymerАвтор: Grant Diffendaffer
Название: Polymer Clay Beads: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration
Издательство: Lark Books
Год: 2008
Формат: PDF
Размер: 10.40 Mb
Страниц: 142
Язык: английский
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

В книге представлены техники, проекты и идеи по изготовлению бусин из полимерной глины.

Twenty different crafting methods—countless breathtaking beads, all made from easy to work with polymer clay! The varied techniques in this comprehensive skill-building book—many of which have never before been published—range from hand-formed tubes, spheres, wedges, teardrops, and baguettes to traditional mokume gane with fantastic layered effects. Add mica clay to create iridescent “ghost image” beads. Construct veneered pillow beads. Carve beads, press-mold them, or even use a cookie-cutter to get an array of fabulous shapes. Turn and form the bead on an extremely affordable craft lathe. Close-up photos show every step in the process, as well as the completed beads; some also appear as part of a finished piece of jewelry for inspiration.

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