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'Practicalназвание: Practical Ideas for Small Spaces
издатель : Loft Publications
автор: Cristina Paredes
год: 2008
формат: pdf
страниц: 200
язык: English
ISBN: 978-8496936300
размер : 22,22 mb
качество среднее
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Практические идеи для малых пространств
Множество изображений , идей и практические советы, использование цвета
Дизайн мебели и освещения.

The problems with housing today are common knowledge almost the world over. Small apartments, high
prices, increasingly heterogeneous families, etc. These problems, which occur especially in urban environments,
affect an increasingly high percentage of the population

The aim of Practical Ideas for Small Spaces
is to provide readers with practical and manageable ideas to adapt their small homes to the different needs
and paces of their lives. A host of images illustrate ideas and practical advice; from the use of color to the design of the furniture or lighting. All provide invaluable
help when making the most of all corners of the house, giving diverse uses to a single room or better organizing

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