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Название книги: Landscape Design (Park)
Автор книги : J.Kwang
Издательство : ARCHIWORLD
Год издания книги: 2005
ISBN: 8957701516
Страниц : 291
Формат книги: PDF
Размер книги: 56,7 mb
Качество: Good
Язык книги: English, Korean
Описание: Archiworld Co., Ltd. Publishes Monthly Archiworld, Interior World, Bimonthly PA(Pro Architect), LA(lntenor Architect), LA(Landscape Architect) and Environment & Lanscape. We have made our best to establish identity and create a leading journalism culture in the field of architecture and interior design. And we published Landscape Design series: Residence and Park from the lack of environmental design data today, where human, environment and space are highly valued.It contains carefully selected completed works, which are good examples of recent environment landscape and design.
These books, full of great materials, will lay a cornerstone of understanding the trend of domestic environment design for the 21st environmental period to come. It's my pleasure for you to get information and keen insight about the current environment and landscape design through these books. Lastly, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to many architects, landscape architects, sculptors and the owners for providing wonderful materials and helping us take photographs. I will do my best to meet the expecta tion of the readt'rs with gixxi contents. I would appreciate your continuous attention and advice. Thank vou.

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