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Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello
Автор: Michael S.Dorrian & Liz Farrelly
Название: Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello
Издательство: Laurence King Publishing
Год: 2004
Формат: pdf
Размер: 26.46 Мб
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 272

Альбом на английском языке, адресованный дизайнерам, разрабатывающим визитные карточки. Оригинальная визитка может помочь выделиться из толпы, выгодно представить свои способности или область деятельности компании, подчеркнуть корпоративный стиль и т.п. В издании представлено около 300 вариантов оформления визиток. Представленные идеи можно использовать для оформления собственных карточек или разработки корпоративных визиток на заказ.

Packed with inspiration, this is the ultimate business card book, bringing together 300 of the best examples of cards by and for designers and creative companies around the world. Business cards are a major design challenge; creating successful cards is all about the clever use of space. Grouped according to aesthetic approach, the cards featured in the book address design issues such as the need to make a splash, stand out from the crowd or differentiate members of a team.
Some cards are designed to function as portfolios or to express in miniature the holder's preferred aesthetic or personal worldview; some are elaborately designed, others are intended to be personalized with handwriting or stickers. Materials are also important: not all cards are machine printed, and the book includes cards on metal, plastic, paper and corrugated cardboard, or made from recycled stationery or subway tickets; text is applied using foil-blocking, spot varnish, letter press, colour Xerox and rubber stamping.


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