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Автор: P.Woodroof
Издательство: Fandango
Страниц: 437
Формат: pdf
Размер: 27 mb
Качество: отличное
Язык: englich
Год издания: 2010

Patrick James Woodroffe (b. 1940 Halifax, West Yorkshire) is an English artist, etcher and drawer, who
specialises in fantasy science-fiction artwork, with images that border on the surreal. His achievements
include several collaborations with well-known musicians, two bronze sculptures displayed in
Switzerland and numerous books.
His career took off when he was asked to produce approximately 90 book cover paintings between 1973
and 1976 for Corgi, including Peter Valentine Timlett's The Seedbearers (1975) and Roger Zelazny's Nine
Princes in Amber (1974). During this early period he was also commissioned to provide art for record
album cover sleeves, including heavy metal band Judas Priest's album Sad Wings of Destiny (1976). This
was followed by an exhibition of book-jacket and record-sleeve paintings in 1976, which appeared at
Mel Calman's Workshop Gallery in London. That year the children's book Micky's New Home was
published with illustrations by Woodroffe. In 1978 he mounted an exhibition of more than two hundred
works at the historic Piece Hall in Halifax.
Альбом работ известного британского графика-фантаста, сюрреалиста. Все репродукции альбома выложены в настоящем издании в высоком качестве.

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