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Digital Filmmaking for Teens By Pete Shaner
Publisher: Delmar 2004 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 1592006035 | PDF | 11 MB

The technology in Digital Filmmaking for Teens is aimed primarily at young Mac users who have some familiarity with iLife apps. The book will also identify equivalent Windows tools. As an example camcorder, we will use the Canon ZR, one of the least expensive and most popular. We will keep all other gear to an absolute minimum, using improvised rigs wherever possible. The goal is to limit the budget for camera, computer, and software to less than USD1,500. If the reader already has a fairly recent Mac (with iLife), the purchase of a reconditioned camera for about USD300 should be the only major expense. (Windows budgets would be comparable.) We also will describe the use of external mic and audio mixer if they want to be a bit more ambitious, but the goal will be to concentrate on the absolute basics.

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