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'IntroductionАвтор:Anthony J. Martin
Название:Introduction to the Study of Dinosaurs
Издательство:Blackwell Pub.
Размер:17,3 mb
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This highly accessible introduction to dinosaurs places scientific method at the crux of the studies, teaching students about scientific research and principles as they learn about dinosaurs. Now in its second edition, the text includes updates on recent finds, increased coverage of evolution and physiology, and an expanded and improved illustration program.Beginning with foundational chapters on the scientific method and the context of dinosaurs, the text then proceeds with detailed discussions of dinosaur anatomy, taphonomy, evolution, physiology and ichnology. The text also examines five select clades of dinosaurs, and finishes by covering birds as modern dinosaurs and dinosaur extinctions. Intended for both majors and non majors, this textbook balances scientific rigor with real world examples that show how dinosaurs lived and died as well as what happened to them after they died.Features of this new edition include:Everyday scenarios at chapter openings set the stage for chapter content, Dedicated web page, blackwellpublishing.com/dinosaurs, with interactive material and all art in downloadable form (art also available to instructors on CD-ROM), End of chapter discussion questions, Easy reference glossary, New references included at the end of each chapter, High-quality, full color figures and photographs throughout.

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