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Название: AquaLex-Catalog, Tanganjikasee-Cichliden
Автор: Hans-Joachim Herrmann
Издательство: Dähne
Год: 1996
ISBN: 3921684285 / 978-3921684283
Страниц: 83
Язык: Deutsch, Englisch
Формат: pdf
Размер: 76 Mb

For the past twenty years, Hans-Joachim Herrmann has dedicated himself to the keeping of Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids. During this time, the author has been able to observe virtually all the imported species in captivity as well as being able to keep them for many years in the aquarium. He is not just interested in rarities or new species. Indeed for more than 12 years, he has kept fish that have been long forgotten by the aquarists. Through his practical experience, fish such as Enantiopus melanogenys could be induced to breed for the first time in captivity; whereby the author always refers to the success of the fish and not man.

With his numerous lectures and publications the author has drawn the public's attention to the Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika. Of equal importance to his observations in the aquarium are his field studies untertaken during his six journeys to Lake Tanganyika and the one trip to Lake Malawi. In both these lakes during diving sessions, the author was able to photograph the cichlids in their natural habitat.

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