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Mouse Development: Patterning, Morphogenesis, and Organogenesis скачать

Название: Mouse Development: Patterning, Morphogenesis, and Organogenesis
Автор: Janet Rossant, Patrick T. Tam
Издательство: Academic Press
Год: March 15, 2002
ISBN: 0125979517 / 978-0125979511
Страниц: 712
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 82 Mb

This book represents a classic compilation of current knowledge about mouse development and its correlates to research in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, and neuroscience. Emphasis is placed on the research strategy, experimental design, and critical analysis of the data, disguishing this from other books that only focus on protocols for mouse developmental research. Selected chapters are indexed to electronic databases such as GeneBank, GenBank, Electronic Mouse Atlas, and Transgenic/Knockout, further increasing the utility of this book as a reference.

*Broad-based overview of mouse development from fundamental to specialist levels
*Extensive coverage of a wide range of developmental mutations of the mouse
*Excellent benchmark illustrations of brain, craniofacial, gut and heart development
*In-depth experiment-based assessment of concepts in mammalian development
*Focus on models of specific relevance to human development
*Comprehensive reference to key literature and electronic databases related to mouse development
*High-quality full-color production

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