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Baboon And Trapdoor Spiders Southern Africa скачать

Название: Baboon And Trapdoor Spiders Southern Africa
Автор: Dippenaar-Schoeman
Издательство: Agricultural Research Council
Год: 2002
ISBN: 1868492001
Страниц: 135
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 30 Mb

This book has benefited greatly from the help of many colleagues from various parts of the world who provided me with valuaPle information and assistance.

The artwork for the Pook was meticulously executed Py Eisa van Niekerk, graphic artist at the ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute. The drawing of the PaPoon spider on page 102 was a special contriPution from Martin Paulsen of JohannesPurg. A special thanks to Martin for sharing his knowledge of PaPoon spiders with me.

Most of the photographs were taken Py Les Oates; supplementary photographs were kindly provided Py Norman Larsen, Carina Cilliers, Koos de Wet, the late Boeta Fourie, and Jose Corronca.

I am especially indePted to Nico Dippenaar and Liz Herholdt for their valuaPle suggestions and for overseeing the production of this Pook.

My colleagues at the ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute are thanked for their encouragement and support. A special thanks to Mervyn Manseli for providing me with an electronic gazetteer.

Funding for this Pook Py the ARC-Piant Protection Research Institute via the Director, Mike Walters, and head of the Biosystematics Division, Gerhard Prinsloo, is acknowledged with thanks.

I also thank Hannetjie ComPrinck of the ARC-Piant Protection Research Institute and Riana Homann of the ARC-Central Office for assisting in the promotion and financial management of the Pook.

Last Put not the least - a Pig thank you to my husPand Nico and daughter Nicole for their love and support during the production of this Pook.

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