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The Underwater Photographer, Third Edition: Digital and Traditional Techniques скачать

'Theназвание: The Underwater Photographer, Third Edition: Digital and Traditional Techniques
год: June 30, 1996
издатель : Focal Press; 3 edition
формат: pdf
страниц: 400
language: English
ISBN: B000PY3D78
размер : 15,72 mb

Руководство по подводной фотографии.
A superb hand-on manual containing a wealth of underwater tips, hints and advice - all beautifully illustrated with brand new, full colour images.

Martin Edge, a leading authority on underwater photography, will help you capture stunning effects using his popular 'think and consider' system - offering a heightened awareness and understanding of the subject matter, lighting and environment to take the perfect picture. Practical examples take you step-by-step through the basic techniaques from photographing shipwrecks, divers, marine life and abstract images to taking photographs at night and 'dual lighting'.

In 1999 the late Jim Church, guru of underwater photography, said: 'As a member of the new generation of underwater photography writers, [Martin has] set a standard that will only be surpassed when [he writes] a third edition.' Here it is, we hope you enjoy it.

* Learn 'how that shot was taken' with practical case studies
* Beautifully illustrated throughout with inspirational full colour underwater images
* Covers the highly respected philosophy of the 'Think & Consider' System

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The Underwater Photographer, Third Edition: Digital and Traditional Techniques скачали 288 раз

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