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Oxford Bookworms Library: The Riddle of the SandsАвтор: Erskine Childers (Retold by Peter Hawkins)
Название: The Riddle of the Sands
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Серия: Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 5
Год выпуска: 2008
Формат: djvu, pdf (Activities)
Страниц: 104
Размер: 25,43 MB
Язык: English
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Загадка песков (The Riddle of the Sands) — шпионский роман ирландского писателя Эрскина Чайлдерса, который стал первым шпионским романом, прародителем романов Грэма Грина и Джон Ле Карре. Адаптированный вариант, уровень 5 (Upper – intermediate).

STAGE 5 - Thriller & Adventure

CEF level B2

When Carruthers joins his friend Arthur Davies on his yacht Dulcibella, he is expecting a pleasant sailing holiday in the Baltic Sea. But the holiday turns into an adventure of a different kind. He and Davies soon find themselves sailing in the stormy waters of the North Sea, exploring the channels and sandbanks around the German Frisian Islands, and looking for a secret - a secret that could mean great danger for England.

Erskine Childers' novel, published in 1903, was the first great modern spy story, and is still as exciting to read today as it was a hundred years ago.

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