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Classical World: The Epic History of Greece and Rome скачать

Название книги: Classical World: The Epic History of Greece and Rome
Автор книги : Mary Beard
Издательство : Penguin
Год издания книги: 2006
ISBN: 0141021411
Страниц : 739
Формат книги: PDF
Размер книги: 30,9 мб
Качество: отличное
Язык книги: английский
Описание: The Classical World is a more epic epic than any toga-clad celluloid epic to date… Mr Lane Fox's brilliant book, where soldiers, poets and orators fight for attention in a story that is never cluttered and always stimulating. (The Economist )
Witty, ferociously learned, enormously well read (Mary Beard, The Independent )
An ambitious and exhilarating volume…The Classical World is so replete with insight and anecdote that I would love to see it in every school library. (Stuart Kelly, Scotland on Sunday )
We are in the hands of an author who knows that an epic can only be driven by big characters such as Pericles, Demosthenes, Philip, Cicero, Pompey, Caesar and Cleopatra…Here lies the author's mastery, matching a lifelong familiarity with his subject to the basic needs of a newly arrived apprentice (Nigel Spivey, FT ) Peter Heather, Sunday Times

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Classical World: The Epic History of Greece and Rome скачали 371 раз

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