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Genuine Origami 43 Mathematically-Based Models, From Simple to Complex скачать

'Genuineназвание: Genuine Origami 43 Mathematically-Based Models, From Simple to Complex
автор: Jun Maekawa
год: November 1, 2008
издатель : Japan Publications Trading
формат: pdf
страниц: 160
language: English
ISBN : 978-4889962512
размер : 9,22 mb

Видный художник оригами, и ученый Jun Maekawa подход к оригами с точки зрения математических и геометрических принципов
43 различные модели сгруппированы в пять разделов,
Проекты в порядке возрастания сложности (простой, средней и комплекс)
В дополнение к складывающейся инструкции и схеме, Maekawa объясняет математическую теорию для каждого проекта.

Like his counterpart in the U.S., prominent origami artist and scientist Robert J. Lang, Jun Maekawa approaches origami from the perspective of mathematical and geometric principles. In Genuine Origami, Maekawa takes readers, step-by-step, through the fundamentals of his method, beginning with the basics and guiding them through simple figures (a mouse, an elephant, Santa Claus) all the way up to such highly sophisticated models as his signature creations, the devil and the peacock.

The 43 different models are grouped into five sections, including one chapter on the ABCs, three which present projects in order of increasing difficulty (Simple, Intermediate and Complex), and one called Varieties of Origami, which reveals how to use different kinds of papers and techniques. In addition to the folding instructions and diagrams, Maekawa explains the mathematical theory behind each project.

An intriguing blend of art and science, Genuine Origami will allow newcomers to discover the pleasures of folding at the same time that it enables beginners and experts alike to learn clever, surprising and elegant sequences to produce exceptional results.

About the Author

Jun Maekawa, who studied physics, is credited with developing a new origami method based on fundamental geometric patterns. His insights into the connection between mathematics and origami are summed up in the Maekawa Theorem. He is a chief councilor of the Japan Origami Association and executive manager and engineer for a software company producing scientific engineering calculations. Genuine Origami is Maekawas first book to be translated into English.

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