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'Pictureназвание: Picture Yourself Shooting Pool
автор: Matt Sherman
год: 2008
издатель : Course Technology PTR; 1 edition
формат: pdf
страниц: 300
language: English
ISBN : 978-1598635195
10,16 mb

Шаг за шагом инструкция для успешной игры в бильярд.
Начиная с основы, вы узнаете, как выбрать оборудование, включая кий для вас.
Стратегия и советы о том, чтобы читать за столом, а также основные правила для различных игр , настольный этикет.

Picture yourself dazzling your friends with your new and improved pool skills as you master the cue ball’s movements and hone your aiming and shooting techniques. "Picture Yourself Shooting Pool: Step-by-Step Instruction for Successful Pocket Billiards" provides practical and accessible pool theory and instruction to beginners and casual players.

About the Author
Matthew “Quick Draw” Sherman, who was born in New York City, directs the University of Florida’s Pool League,which has produced five national collegiate champions. Matt is the Guide to Pool & Billiards at About.com, a top five website with over 53 million visitors a month. Matt has appeared internationally on television as a host and emcee, on the radio, and in print. Matt and Janine Sherman reside in Gainesville, Florida, with their children, Alexandria and Benjamin. Matt is editor of a number of books in print and a regular contributor to several publications. Picture Yourself Shooting Pool is his first book.

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