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Pet Photography 101: Tips for taking better photos of your dog or cat скачать

'PetАвтор:Andrew Darlow
Название:Pet Photography 101: Tips for taking better photos of your dog or cat
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Show off your pet with the ultimate guide for capturing those quirky moments that make us LOVE our dogs and cats. With easy-to-follow tips for finding the best lighting, the best angle and the best pose, your pet will be the topic of conversation among the pet lovers in your life! Pet Photography 101 is packed with beautiful photos with helpful and entertaining tips on everything you need to take better photos of your furry friends, as well as the people with whom they share their lives. Everything from choosing a camera to photo organization to post-production is explained in easy-to-understand language. www.photopettips.com pres more photos and links to valuable product information, articles, and additional resources.
* Professional results with easy and fun techniques for posing pets, lighting, post production and more!
* Loaded with adorable and inspirational photographs of pets
* Quirky and inviting tips showing you how to make your photos better!
This book is a well-designed, easy to understand guide for the photographer who wants to take better pictures of their pets. Geared towards the amateur, the information is helpful, clear and gives advice on how to take b
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