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Starting Points: Creating Meaningful Scrapbook Layouts From Whatever Inspires You скачать

'StartingАвтор:Linda Harrison
Название:Starting Points: Creating Meaningful Scrapbook Layouts From Whatever Inspires You
Издательство:Memory Makers
Размер:74 mb
Для сайта: bukvy.net

Книга о модном сейчас увлечении - скарпбукинге - художественном оформлении фотоальбомов
Getting started can be the hardest part of scrapbooking--but it doesn't have to be. Starting Points shows you that inspiration for creating a scrapbook page can come from anywhere: an old photo, a conversation, beautiful architecture or even a clever ad in a magazine.
In Starting Points, author Linda Harrison teaches you how to open your eyes to all the starting points around you, then illustrates how they can lead to an attractive and meaningful page. You'll be inspired to take favorite photos, memorable notes, trendy new product and more and use them to fuel fresh new layouts bursting with personality and style.
Starting Points helps inspire your scrapbooking with:
120 unique layouts
Images of the original starting points that inspired every layout, including cute quotes from kids, receipts, vacation snapshots, patterned paper, party supplies, paint swatches, brochures and more
Tips for brainstorming unique ideas--and for creating your best layouts yet
Let Starting Points inspire you to breathe new life into your scrapbooks--from start to finish!
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