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'Origamiназвание: Origami Japanese Paper-folding
автор: Florence Sakade
год: March 15, 2002
издатель : Tuttle Publishing; 2 edition
формат: pdf
страниц: 98
language: English
ISBN: 978-0804833080
размер : 41,86 mb

Отредактированный экземпляр книги Флоренс Sakade в оригами, японская бумага.
Впервые опубликована в 1950-х годах и до сих пор большая книга .
По существу ,простое руководство по простому оригами
Большинство конструкций плоские модели, но есть и 3d схемы.

This appears to be a redacted copy of Florence Sakade's books Origami, Japanese Paper Folding Books One and Two," first published in the 1950s and still a great beginning book. It would appear that new ideas--like the clowns on the back cover--have been added, but it still essentially the same easy to follow guide to simple origami. Most of the designs are for flat models, but there are a number of 3 dimensionals as well, the crane being, of course, the most ancient and traditional of all of them.

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