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The Lord of the Rings Battlegame - Gondor in flames скачать


Название: Lord of the Rings Battlegame - Gondor in flames
Серия: Strategy battle game
поддержка: New Line Sinema
Games workshop
Язык: english
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 68 pages
Размер: 79,6 mb

This Sourcebook is an invaluable guide to collecting, modeling and gaming in the proud realm of Gondor. Choose your allegiance and muster an army from Minas Tirith, the Tower of Ecthelion, the Fiefdoms, the Rangers of Ithilien, The Army of the High King or the Dead of Dunharrow. You can also take command of mighty Heroes such as Isildur, Boromir, Prince Imrahil and Aragorn in six scenarios that retell some of Gondor's greatest battles.

In the heart of Middle-earth lies an ancient realm, a kingdom founded in exile and forged through martial prowess. Standing between the free peoples to the west and the evil nations to the south and east, it has ever been a shield against the shadow of Mordor and the terrible power of the Dark Lord. This is the kingdom of Gondor, scion of Numenor and tireless protector of Middle-earth.

This is a supplement for Games Workshop's The Lord of The rings Strategy Battle Game - you will need a copy of the rules in order to play.

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