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'Worldназвание: World of Super-Complex Origami
издатель : Soshimu
автор: Satoshi Kamiya
год: 2010
формат: jpg
страниц: 127
язык: Japanese
ISBN: 9784883377107
размер : 67,72 mb
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Новая книга от Сатоши Камия (神 谷 哲 史 , родился 6 июня 1981 года, в городе Нагоя, Япония) является одним из лучших мастеров оригами в мире.

Satoshi Kamiya (神谷 哲史 , born June 6, 1981, in Nagoya, Japan) is among the most advanced origami masters in the world.

Satoshi Kamiya's new book is not a typical diagram book. The few full diagrams in it have actually already been published before, albeit in hard-to-find sources.

What the book is about is the process of folding, techniques, crease-pattern interpretation etc. As all this text is in Japanese I cannot make much of it, but everything is accompanied with many drawings and photos which give insights to the meaning of the text.

Part 1 : Basics - discusses tools needed for folding (from rulers to tweezers, clips, display tools, wet-folding essentials etc.), describes different types of papers, and explains the basic symbols.

Part 2: Practice - shows how to cut paper, make accurate creases, handle more complex moves, allow for paper-thickness in folding, and examines display techniques such as shaping, strengthening the model with glue and using wire for display.

Part 3: Advanced Techniques - delves into wet-folding, back-coating and making tissue-foil, understanding crease-patterns and showing some theories. This part concludes in an in-depth analysis of the Ryujin 3.5 crease-pattern, which is included in the beginning of the book.

The book opens with a gallery of designs, with tiny crease-patterns for Kamiya's, Hideo Komatsu's and Hojyo Takashi's works. There are also photos of other designer's works, without crease-patterns.

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