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Afgan romanceАвтор: Christiansen McClain Jennifer
Название: Afgan romance
Жанр: Вязание крючком
ISBN: 1573671088, 9781573671088
Издательство: Needlecraft Shop
Год: 2000
Страниц: 161
Формат: JPEG
Язык: Английский
Размер: 34 Мб

Afghan Romance is a collection of 56 afghans presented in a book which breaks new ground in the needlecraft publishing industry. Readers of romance novels and lovers of crochet go hand-in-hand. Therefore, we have combined instructions for beautiful afghans and a wonderful love story in one terrific book!

The beautiful afghans featured in each chapter match the setting as well as the moods of each character being presented, These afghans have never before been published and with our easy step-by-step instructions, will bring hours of enjoyment to any crocheter.

The charming love story is about Corrine Hamilton Thomburg, matchmaker par excellence, and how she attempts to bring together her best friend Ashley and Corrine's ranch manager, Tyler. However, the plot thickens when Corrine, herself, begins to have romantic feelings for Tyler. What is worse is that Corrine is engaged to marry someone else!

56 связанных крючком пледов. Только описание, схем нет.

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