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Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter скачать

Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and FlatterАвтор: Mary Beth Temple
Название: Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter
Издательство: Taunton Press
Год: 2012
Формат: pdf
Размер: 50,76 Мб
Страниц: 158
Язык: Английский / English

В книге представлены варианты женской одежды для вязания крючком. Здесь вы найдете элегантные модели одежды больших размеров - жакеты, туники, красивые шарфики, накидки и другое. Всего в книге представлены 25 оригинальных проектов вязаной одежды.
Full-figured women who love to crochet will rejoice in this fun, fresh, and pretty new book, Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter. Instead of making adjustments to “average” sized patterns, this exciting guide celebrates larger women with 25 original crochet patterns designed specifically in plus sizes. Pullovers, sweaters, wraps, and more—every wardrobe staple you can think of is here, with techniques and schematics to show crocheters exactly how to troubleshoot and solve pattern-fitting problems before they occur. Expert crochet designer Mary Beth Temple, whose books can be found in major craft stores nationwide, teaches curvy crocheters everything needed to create fashionable items that will fit and flatter.

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