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Plank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging Volume 1 скачать

'Plank-On-FrameНазвание: Plank-On-Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging Volume 1
Автор: Harold A. Underhill
Издательство: Brown, Son & Ferguson
ISBN: 085174186X
Год: 1991
Страниц: 190
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 18.35МБ
Язык: английский
Harold Underhill's Plank on Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging is a near-definitive modeling reference, for not only plank on frame but techniques that apply to all modeling methods. He tells how to find the shape of the frames from the lines on plans; he includes tables on the real-life thicknesses of every sort of rigging line if one wishes to replace the inaccurate thread given in kits; he tells how to apply apply the coppering and also what size the copper plates made in, so one may make properly-scaled plates of one's own; and he describes which woods to use for what and how to make blocks, dead eyes, and even chain link from scratch. Every couple pages is a page of photos or sketches that are infinitely helpful.

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