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Growing Home: Stories of Ethnic Gardening скачать

'Growingназвание: Growing Home: Stories of Ethnic Gardening
автор: Susan Davis Price
год: 2000
издатель : University of Minnesota Press
формат: pdf
страниц: 209
language: English
ISBN: 0816633053
размер : 45,93 mb
Для сайта: bukvy.net

Иллюстрированный взгляд на экстраординарные создания Миннесотских садовников со всего света,в книге интервью и фотографии

A lavishly illustrated look at the extraordinary creations of Minnesota gardeners from around the world.
This beautiful book brings together interviews and photographs of more than thirty Minnesotans who have
imported the style and tradition of their native or ancestral lands into their gardening. Susan Davis
Price relates the fascinating stories of these people's lives as she explores gardening techniques and
plants brought from every part of the globe.

We meet Finnish-born Maiju Kontii, who cultivates the beautiful roses of her homeland, and Polish native
Danuta Mazurek, who manages to grow the colorful, leafy alpines of the old country in her small urban
yard. John Maire moved to Minnesota from the Sudan and has encouraged many fellow Africans to reconnect
to communal life through the Immigrant Farmers Coalition and a group farm located near Elk River. Next
to their downtown Minneapolis high-rise, a group of Korean Americans grows a Peace Garden, which
includes wild sesame and the lovely and edible Chinese bellflower.

The profiles in Growing Home also feature American-born citizens who use their gardening as a link to
their cultural past. Minnesota native Kevin Oshima yearned for a connection to his Japanese heritage
and eventually earned the title "bonsai master" for his success in growing these temperamental trees.
Seitu Jones considers his attempt to keep the city green a tribute to "all the marvelous, unsung black
folks who've been gardening for years."

Well over one hundred beautiful color images highlight this unique look at how ordinary people create
the extraordinary in their own backyards. Growing Home will delight not only gardeners but also readers
of all backgrounds and interests.

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