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Making Indian Bows and Arrows, The Old Way Название: Making Indian Bows and Arrows, The Old Way (Создание индейских луков и стрел, старинный способ)
Автор: Douglas Spotted Eagle
Издательство: Eagles View Publishing
Год выпуска: 1978
ISBN: 0943604214, 9780943604213
Страниц: 98
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер файла: 16.1 Мб

Захватывающее подробное описание изготовления настоящих индейских лука и стрел – именно те способы, которыми это делали настоящие индейцы. Книга будет очень интересна как исследователям и любителям культуры американских индейцев, так и широкому кругу читателей. Это то, чего вам не хватало в детстве и что еще не поздно сделать для себя или своих детей прямо в ближайшие выходные!
This exciting Eagle's View edition includes all you need to know to make powerful and attractive Native American bows with an easy-to-follow text together with numerous illustrations and photos. The reader is shown how to use both primitive and modern techniques of bow and arrow making.
The book explores in detail acquiring tools and woods; designing the bow to fit your purposes; how to cut the wood and shape it to your design; how to bring the bow to a perfect arc; methods for recurving and/or reflexing the bow for added speed; backing the bow with wood, rawhide, intestine or sinew; dozens of ideas and photos for finishing the bow; photos and instructions for applying a snakeskin back; making quivers and cases with hides, beads and more; arrowsmithing from natural or modern materials; making bow strings with techniques that are understandable to even the beginning bowyer; and shooting the way that Native Americans did years ago.
Written for the beginning craftsman with over 200 illustrations, photos, charts and diagrams, this book will be invaluable to anyone interested in traditional weapons of the American Indian, their material culture and/or early Americana.
119 illustrations; 116 photographs; 5 charts.


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