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Decorative Painting: A Classic CollectionАвтор:Kathryn Kipp, Jennifer Long
Название: Decorative Painting: A Classic Collection
Издательство: North Light Books; illustrated edition
Год: 1999
Формат: jpg
Размер: 53,65 mb
Страниц: 144 pages
Language: English

In this extensively illustrated guide, 10 of the field's outstanding teachers each share a previously unpublished project. Detailed instructions, complete line-drawn patterns, lengthy materials lists, sample color palettes, and lots of helpful tip boxes provide everything the intermediate to advanced painter needs to re-create these skillfully rendered designs.

The ten very different projects described in this excellent reference book will give you detailed information often not found in other books of this genre. Included in the text are very detailed illustrations not only of the projects themselves, but also of paint values and brush strokes. Each contributing artist seems to almost hold your hand (and your brush!) as they take you from the beginning pattern through to the completed work of art. This is an excellent resource book for the beginning decorative painting student and certainly challenging enough for even the most advanced decorative artist. And the artist's biographies at the end of each project are fun in that they prove to the reader that they, too, started out a beginner just like everyone else.


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