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Creating with Polymer Clay: Designs, Techniques, Projects скачать

'CreatingАвтор: Stephen Ford, Leslie Dierks
Название: Creating with Polymer Clay: Designs, Techniques, Projects
Издательство: Sterling
Год: 1999
ISBN: 093727495X
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12.60 Mb
Страниц: 130
Язык: английский
Для сайта: bukvy.net

Here's a pop quiz: What single material can be modeled, molded, carved, woven, turned on a lathe and more, yet never chips, fades or shrinks? The answer can only be polymer clay. Artists rave about the endless possibilities of polymer clay, and the immediacy of spectacular results. Taking on appearances similar to ceramics, glass, beads, ivory, clay, plastic, wood, and even metal, it's like having dozens of materials in one package. The tools and training are minimal in this medium, leaving your imagination free to wander. Dozens of vibrant photos of works from myriad artists demonstrate some of the infinite possibilities. First, practice the special methods for creating basic shapes, transferring images, simulating natural materials, press molds, painting, and canework. Then combine these techniques and follow the instructions to make any of the 26 illustrated designs--or try your own. Create jewelry, baskets, buttons, mosaics, candlesticks, mirrors, Christmas tree ornaments, clocks, bowls, and much, much more. As the artists here will testify, you'll be treated to countless years of fun and wonder with this unique craft.

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