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Christian Dior: The Magic of Fashion скачать

'Christianназвание : Christian Dior: The Magic of Fashion
издатель : Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences; illustrated edition
автор : Terence Measham , Bernard Arnault , Pierre Berg
год: 2000
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц: 66
ISBN: 978-1863170482
размер : 15,37 мб
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Волшебство Моды от Christian Dior , революционные проекты и элегантная , изящная одежда.

The name Christian Dior has been synonymous with fashion and glamour for over 50 years. From the moment Christian Dior and Marcel Boussac decided to found the couture house of Dior, the clothing that they have produced has been regarded as stylish and elegant. Not only was the house of Dior recognized for its revolutionary designs, but it was also the first fashion house to realize the commercial potential that a sought-after label could have. In 1949 they signed the first of many licence agreements for Christian Dior hosiery in the USA. This publication traces the history of the most famous fashion house in the world, from its conception in 1946 to the modern era where it continues to flourish in the cut-throat world of the fashion business. Essays by leading figures in the world of fashion, combined with archive photography offer an insight into the soul of the company.

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