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Learn PatchworkАвтор: Lynette-Merlin Syme
Название: Learn Patchwork
Издательство: Collins
Год: 1986
Формат: jpg
Размер: 14,5 Mb
Страниц: 66
Язык: английский
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Книга по пэчворку. Будет интересна как новичкам в лоскутном шитье, так и опытным рукодельницам.

This book will delight the newcomer to patchwork, providing tidbits of historical information with concise and precise instructions. Syme, an interior designer, carefully describes basic materials, equipment and techniques planning color schemes, making paper shapes, and mounting, finishing and joining patchwork into a design. There are quick-success projects for first-timers, as well as projects that will challenge experienced needlecrafters. Some designs mix geometric shapes boldly to create unusual patterns; others are complex and nongeometric, such as an unlined patchwork cathedral window, which, when hung against the light, gives the striking appearance of a stained glass window. The color illustrations include a photograph (instructions provided) of Jane Austen's patchwork quilt, fashioned by the novelist, her mother and sister in the early 19th century. Better Homes and Gardens Book Clubs selection.

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