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Slithery, Slimy, Scaly Treats (Extreme Cuisine) [Library Binding] скачать

'Slithery,название : Slithery, Slimy, Scaly Treats (Extreme Cuisine) [Library Binding]
серия: Extreme Cuisine
издатель : Bearport Publishing
автор : Dinah Williams
год: 2009
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц : 24
ISBN: 978-1597167628
размер : 5,44 мб
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Книга из серии - Экстремальная кухня , жареные змеи , ящерицы и т.д.

Are you hungry for some reptile treats? Then why don't you try a bowl of lizard soup? What's that—you're in the mood for something spicier? Then rattlesnake chili is what you want. Just remember to cool off by washing it all down with a refreshing glass of snake blood. If you’re hungry for an amphibian dish, have a plate of barbecued frogs. Where do people eat foods like these? All over the world!

In Spider-tizers and Other Creepy Treats, kids will be amazed to learn about the wide variety of dishes that are cookedand eatenby people from different cultures all around the globe.
Large, eye-popping photos, a colorful map, and fascinating fact boxes on every two-page spread are sure to delight every reader.
Spider-tizers and Other Creepy Treats is part of Bearports Extreme Cuisine series.

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Slithery, Slimy, Scaly Treats (Extreme Cuisine) [Library Binding] скачали 290 раз

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