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Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn скачать

Автор:Lisa Myers, Carol Sulcoski, Laura Grutzeck
Название: Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn
Издательство: Interweave Press
ISBN: 978-1596680524
Год: June, 2008
Формат: jpg
Размер: 15,66 mb
Страниц: 143
Язык: английский
Качество: фото
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Educating knitters about fine yarns, this information-packed book features more than 20 stylish and contemporary projects to knit with lightweight yarns. Knitters will learn what fine yarns are, the many advantages of knitting with them, plus tips and techniques to make the knitting process even more enjoyable. Perfect for all skill levels, the projects in this guidebook show that garments knitted with thin yarns not only fit more precisely, but are more flattering to the figure and feel better against the skin. They also offer more versatility for fashion elements such as ruching, ruffles, gauzy layers, and drape. Crafters will find stylish and contemporary patterns, including a drapy silk top, a supple zippered cable hoodie, a bamboo skirt with stunning drape, a bohus-inspired pullover, a wrap dress, a ruffled scarf, and much more.

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