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Clarets and sauternes / Клареты и сотерны скачать

Clarets and sauternes / Клареты и сотерныНазвание: Clarets and sauternes / Клареты и сотерны
Автор: Неизвестно
Издательство: The Wine and spirit trade record
Год: 1920
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 398
Размер: 11.5 Mb

Описание: Автор на основании изучения различных источников составил книгу, посвященную лучшим винам Франции. В ней дана подробная характеристика каждому винному хозяйству согласно классификации 1855 года, а также отдельным выдающимся винам Помероля, Сент-Эмилиона, Грава, Сент-Эстефа, не вошедшим в официальную классификацию.

The notes that follow have necessarily been gathered from various sources. If they prove serviceable to the Wine Trade at all it is, in the main, through the valuе of such great source-hooks on the famous French vine-yards as Messrs. Feret & Fits’ "Bordeaux and Its Wines" along with quotations from other sources— ancient and modern — first-hand revisions by the actual estate proprietors, etc. The book has also had the benefit of expert criticism by many who carry an honored-name in the Trade, both on this side of the Channel and on the Continent, and for all such help, encouragement and advice, grateful thanks are due.
Among Claret connoisseurs the subject of "Chateau bottling" is of perennial interest, and even the most indifferent "layman" consulting a wine list will feel impelled, sooner or later, to seek enlightenment and satisfaction as to the mysterious formula "Chateau bottled," or, as the French usually put if: "Mis en bouteilles аu Chateau."
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