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Jan Moon - The Southern Pie BookНазвание: The Southern Pie Book
Автор: Jan Moon
Издательство: Oxmoor House
Серия: Southern Living
ISBN: 0848739639
Год: 2013
Язык: английский
Страниц: 288
Формат: epub
Размер: 60.79 MB

Все новые, рецепты сезонных пирогов из кухни Джен Мун наполняют эту поваренную книгу комфортом и красотой. Читатели не смогут дождаться начала выпечки пирогов с комбинациями вкусов, которые вас удивят и фруктовых пирожных, которые вас впечатлят.

All-new, seasonal pie recipes from Jan Moon's kitchen fill this cookbook with comfort and beauty. Readers won't be able to wait to start baking pies with flavor combinations that will surprise and tarts that will impress. With easy-to-follow instructions, handy tips, exchangeable components, and gorgeous full-page images, readers are only a rolling pin and a whisk away from a warm and delicious slice of pie.

Jan shares her collection of pies, tarts, cobblers, and more that have been perfected in her own Dreamcakes Bakery. Over 150 recipes are included with gorgeous full-color images all in clearly defined categories so readers can easily navigate this book to find the recipes that inspire them. A chapter devoted to baking equipment and basic techniques gives beginning bakers a head start, while Baker's Secrets and Simple Switches are sprinkled throughout to give even the more experienced pie-baker a new tip or twist. With a varied selection of recipes from elegant tarts and rustic gallettes to familiar meringue pies and comforting fried pies, readers will pour over the dozens of possibilities to wow family and friends.

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