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Quick and Easy Entrees With Style (Food, Family & Friends Cookbook Series) скачать

'Quickназвание : Quick and Easy Entrees With Style (Food, Family & Friends Cookbook Series)
автор: Edie Hand ,Darlene Real ,Debra Lustrea
cерия: Food, Family & Friends Cookbook Series
год: 2003
издатель : Nomad Press
формат: pdf
страниц: 122
язык : English
ISBN 978-0972202619
размер : 5,23 мб

Быстрые и лёгкие блюда , серия книг - рецепты блюд на приготовление которых уйдёт меньше 20 минут.
Рецепты салатов , выпечка хлеба , праздничные блюда и т.д.
Книга ч/б

These innovative cookbooks are devoted to celebrating wonderful food and a contemporary sense of style on a budget. Provided are recipes for delicious and easy holiday treats, entrees, and salads and breads that take fewer than 20 minutes to prepare and present with flair. Appropriate for both novice and experienced cooks, all of these recipes use ingredients commonly found on supermarket shelves. Each recipe is accompanied by nutritional information and diabetic food exchanges. The fun presentation ideas suggested use basic supplies found in supermarkets and mass merchandise stores, enabling cooks to create meal presentations worthy of Martha Stewart on a family budget.

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Quick and Easy Entrees With Style (Food, Family & Friends Cookbook Series) скачали 365 раз

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