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Sotheby's (Uniforms and Militia Accoutrements from the Private Collection ) скачать


Название: Sotheby's (Uniforms and Militia Accoutrements from the Private Collection)
Автор: William H. Guthman
Издательство: Sotheby's, New York
Год: 2003
Формат: PDF
Размер: 211 MB
Cтраниц: 198
Язык: English

Sotheby's auction house was selected to offer the late Bill Guthman's remarkable American militaria collection. Bill was among the foremost collectors and scholars in this field. His scholarly publications and frequent lectures illuminated this evocative and important aspect of American history and culture for more than forty years. He was among the first to recognize the cultural value and artfulness of military artifacts. He began to collect uniforms, caps, plates, buckles, knapsacks, canteens, weapons, and drums, as well as artifacts from the Revolutionary and French and Indian Wars, in the 1940s, before the interstate highway became a conduit for draining the attics of the Northeast. This catalog has brilliant color photos of many of the finest pieces in the collection, many of which are unique survivors from a time when America was young.

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