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Art in the Third Reich
Название: Art in the Third Reich
Автор: Berthold Hinz
Издательство: Random House, Inc.
Год: 1976
Страниц 270
ISBN: 0394416406
Формат: PDF
Размер: 272MB
Язык Английский

According to Hinz's introduction, oppressed people of the art world are typically sympathized with in history, but it is his intention to explore the art that was promoted by the state rather than the oppressed art. He does this well and one possible reason is because he does give a brief overview of what was considered degenerate art. This is useful to a reader who has little knowledge of different styles of art. Although the focus of his book is to show what was accepted art of the Third Reich, he also shows what it was not. Among the most common type of Degenerate Art are "Jewish" or "Bolshivik" art and modern art. He shows examples of all of these types of art, making it easier for the reader to identify the difference between Degenerate Art and art approved by the state. As Hinz points out, most works about Art in the Third Reich deal with Degenerate art, not art approved by the state. since Hinz made this statement, books dealing with particualr aspects of the Nazi art world have been published such as Degenerate Art. This book is edited by Stephanie Barron and Peter W. Guenther. This book chronicles an exhibit of Degenerate Art. The examination of Degenerate Art is the exact opposite of what Hinz was trying to accomplish. He wanted to draw attention to the neglected topic of National Socialist Art. One book, Art of the Third Reich, by Peter Adam is very similar to Hinz's book. It shows examples of art sanctioned by the Third Reich, but it was published in 1995, more than twenty years after the original publication of Hinz's book. For the time of its publication, Hinz's work was of a topic rarely the focus of literature.

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