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Название: The Gothic Cathedral
Автор: Otto von Simson
Издательство: Harper Torchbooks
Год: 1962
Страниц 177
ISBN: 0500278768
Формат: PDF
Размер: 23.7 MB
Язык Английский
"The Gothic Cathedral is the most stimulating and comprehensive work on the subject to date. . . . If the cathedrals are to be understood, Mr. von Simson rightly declares, they must be seen not in the light of twentieth-century esthetic observation, but of twelfth-century religious experience, through which the supernatural permeated every aspect of human existence. . . . The resulting interpretation of the monuments is a critical tour de force."--Allan Temko, The New York Times Book Review
"Not since Mont-St.-Michel and Chartres has so poetic and so evocative a study of the Gothic movement been published. . . . The Gothic Cathedral is based on a wide factual as well as intuitive knowledge, transformed by the author's illuminating style into a text both formidable and pleasurable."--The Virginia Quarterly Review

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