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Ten Houses: Enrique Browne скачать

Название: Ten Houses: Enrique Browne
Автор: Oscar Riera Ojeda
Издательство: Rockport Publishers
Серия: Ten Houses
Год: 1997
ISBN: 1564963918
Формат: PDF
Размер: 39,6 МВ
Язык: English
Страниц: 108

The Ten Houses series makes the most important elements of architectural design available to a large and varied audience. Each infinitely useful volume presents one of the world’s foremost architects and features 10 of his or her finest residential works-including presentation, drawings, sketches, and working drawings. These full-color, highly affordable volumes will enhance any library, providing an essential reference for architecture students and individuals looking for home design ideas.
Enrique Browne - architect (1965) and Master of Urban Planning (1968), both with “Maximum Distinction”, from the Universidad Catolica de Chile. Special Graduate Student in Urban Design in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (1969). Following undertook advanced studies in U.S.A., England and Japan. Winner of scholarships of the Ford Foundation (1969-71), of the Social Science Research Council (1975) and the J.S.Guggenheim Foundation (1983).
(Полноцветные альбомы серии "10 домов" представляют для широкой аудитории наиболее значительные работы ведущих современных архитекторов. Презентативные фотографии, рисунки и рабочие чертежи для каждого из домов будут полезны как для архитекторов и студентов-архитекторов, так и для частных лиц, ищущих новые идеи дизайна жилища).

Ten Houses: Enrique Browne

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